Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Burmese Ohn Htamin Neh Pazun Sipyan - A Microwaved Meal in Less Than 30 Minutes

Clockwise from Left:Ohn Htamin Neh Pazun Sipyan
Ohn Htamin
Pazun Sipyan
Fruit Salad
This Burmese meal was on the table in under half an hour because it was cooked in a microwave oven. Allow about 10 minutes preparation time to wash and drain the rice, thaw and peel already deveined shrimp and to assemble the ingredients. This is the perfect meal when guests drop by unannounced around dinner time and will feed 4 people. Serve a fruit salad for dessert for a light but festive meal.

Ohn Htamin
(Rice Cooked in Coconut Milk)
This Ohn Htamin or Rice Cooked in Coconut Milk was made in the microwave oven in just 18 minutes. That is unheard of when rice has to be cooked on the stove top or in a rice cooker. You will find the recipe here

Pazun Sipyan
(Tangy Coconut Shrimp Curry)
Add 4 minutes to that and accompany this rice with a delectable Burmese Tangy Coconut Shrimp Curry or Pazun Sipyan, which was also cooked in the microwave oven. Here is the recipe.

Just one can of coconut milk was used for this dinner. The creamy solids that collect at the top of the can were scooped up with a spoon and used in the shrimp curry and the rest of the coconut milk was used in the rice. The ratio of rice to liquid is 1:2, so the difference in liquid, after measuring the coconut milk, was made up with chicken broth.

Fruit Salad
The fruit salad comprises segments of navel orange, red seedless grapes and segments of apricot. A light, cool and refreshing end to a delectable Burmese meal! For another variation on the fruit salad, take a look at this option.

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