Saturday, February 09, 2013

Burmese Green Beans

I've given Mum's recipe a slight Burmese twist with the addition of dried shrimp powder, soya sauce, fish sauce and toasted sesame oil.

Burmese Dessert - Sanwin Makin

Cream of Wheat Cake Made With  Coconut Milk
I adapted this recipe submitted by Saw Saw Win on the Burmese Food Lovers' Kitchen group in Facebook. The amount of brown sugar has been reduced from 3-1/2 cups to 2 cups for those of us who have to watch our sugar levels, and the oven temperature increased to 375°F from 350°F.

There was a snow storm last night (about 5" or so) and when I looked out of the living room window this morning, I found that the young man who lives across the street from us was hard at work, removing the snow from our driveway with his snow-blower.  To thank him for his kindness, a few squares of this dessert and some oranges were hand-delivered to him by my husband.

DH was not able to describe the dessert to him except to say that the white things on top were white poppy seeds, so I called him on the telephone and gave him a list of the other ingredients just so he would know what he was eating. The young man is a chef and much appreciated the details!