Friday, February 22, 2019

Chaler Muro Ghonto - Fish Head Curry with Rice

Chaler Muro Ghonto
I was browsing through a Korean market recently and came across their open freezers and found bags of 'Rohu Fish Head and Tail'. One of my favorite Bengali dishes is Muro Ghonto and it tastes best with rohu or rui or carp fish heads. When I make it, I have only me to please, so it turned out to be spicy hot and rich!

On a phone call with my sister, she gave me the instructions for this simple and straightforward way of preparing this delectable dish. She kept stressing the importance of frying the pieces of fish until they were fully cooked so it took some time to brown the fish, but that was the most complicated step. 

It's a one-dish meal and I was quite happy to have it without anything else.