Saturday, May 19, 2012

Khawkswe Thoke

Khawswe Thoke
There's always plenty left over from an Ohno Khawkswe feast.

Combine the leftover noodles, chicken soup and all the garnishes (except lime wedges, roasted red chili flakes, fried onion and garlic) into the saucepan in which the soup was made, and refrigerate overnight.  This allows the noodles to absorb the gravy and the garnishes flavor the entire dish beautifully.

Make a flavoured oil. Place a Tbsp. of roasted red chili flakes, fried onion and garlic in a glass jar and fill with heated vegetable oil. This chili, onion and garlic flavoured oil is perfect as a garnish for any Burmese thoke (salad) dishes.

To serve the Khawkswe Thoke, fill a serving bowl with the noodles and heat it in the microwave. Garnish with flavoured oil, more fried onions & garlic, and a generous squeeze of lime wedges.