Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cheera'r Palau or Flattened Rice Pilaf

Kanda Poha
Cheera (Bengali) or Poha (Hindi) or Flattened Rice (English) is parboiled rice that has been flattened and dried. It's available in packages at Indian markets all over India and North America and is considered a 'good' food for diabetics.

Uncooked Cheera or Poha
Thick poha is preferable to using thin poha in this recipe so that the appearance and texture is preserved after cooking. I made the mistake of purchasing thin poha so, as you can see, the individual grains are barely noticeable.

I was under the misconception that Kanda Poha refers to the potatoes in this poha dish, but during a phone conversation, my sister said it refers to the onions in the dish. Onions are considered to be non-vegetarian in certain parts of India so it's important to name it appropriately.

It's a hearty and filling meal which, if had for lunch, curbs hunger pangs that usually occur in the late afternoon.