Friday, January 16, 2015

Tuna Melt Wraps

Tuna Melt Wrap with Green Onions
Tuna Melt Wrap with Dill
Packaged tuna fish now comes in a variety of flavors. I picked up a package of Tuna Creations of the Lemon Pepper variety and was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. If tuna is not readily available where you live, substitute any flaked fish seasoned with lemon & pepper powder, mayonnaise and anything else you fancy. 

The other necessary ingredient is the bread and I chose to use a flour tortilla. The 'melt' component comes from the cheese for which a slice of pepper jack cheese gave it a spicy kick.

To toast the wrap, a small cast iron frying pan did the trick. This sandwich was a golden, crispy brown on the outside with an ooey-gooey center. 

Great for lunch and it all came together in under 5 minutes!

Ingredients (makes 2 wraps)
1 (2.6 oz.) pkg. Starkist Tuna Creations (Lemon Pepper flavor)
2 slices pepper jack cheese, cut in half
2 stalks green onions or dill, minced 
2 dabs of butter
2 small flour tortillas

Directions (for each wrap)
  1. Melt a dab of butter in a small cast iron frying pan over medium heat.
  2. Place a tortilla in the pan and heat one side.
  3. Flip tortilla over, layer with 2 halves of a cheese slice, half the tuna and some green onions or dill.
  4. Fold other half of tortilla over filling and press edges together to seal with cheese.
  5. Fry both sides of wrap until golden brown.
  6. Transfer to serving plate, cut in half and garnish with green onions or dill.