Sunday, June 09, 2013

Burmese Hsan Pyoke With Meatballs (Congee or Rice Porridge)

Yield: Serves 6   
Prep Time: 5 minutes 
Total Time: 30minutes 

Hsan Pyoke (English translation is Rice Boiled) is a recuperative comfort food for wet/cold weather or when someone is recovering from an illness. I used day-old short-grained, steamed white rice which I've used to make fried rice, as well. This is a quick version of the same soup I made a short while ago, except this time I had all the vegetables on hand, the soup was made in under half an hour, the minced chicken was replaced with meatballs and the soup base was made with a teaspoon of Ajinomoto instead of dried shrimp.

2 cups rice
5 cups water
2 Tbsp. dried shrimp (or scallops), diced
   or 1 tsp. Ajinomoto
10-12 meatballs, quartered
1 heaped Tbsp. ginger, julienned or paste
2 cups diced carrots, celery, onions and peas
Salt to taste

Cilantro, chopped
Deep fried onions & garlic
Coarse Salt*
Lime or lemon juice
  1. Cook rice and water until rice is very soft.
  2. Add dried shrimp or Ajinomoto, salt and vegetables.
  3. Stir well and simmer until vegetables are very soft.
  4. Add meatballs & ginger; simmer uncovered to gruel consistency.
  5. Adjust salt to taste, remove from heat and pour into serving bowls.
  6. Garnish with cilantro, fried onions & garlic, coarse salt, sesame oil & a squeeze of lime.
** Coarse Salt, or Muoi Tom in Vietnamese, is a garnish that contains the following ingredients: Salt, Chilli, Dried Shrimp and Garlic. It tastes great sprinkled on soups, noodles, rice & butter/ghee, lentils or on buttered toast.

Vietnamese Coarse Salt and Ingredients

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